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Stuff For Movie Buffs

Mar 10, 2016

YouTube's Couch Tomato sits down with PD to discuss movies and the pros and cons of Hollywood's most popular films from a movie fanatic's point of view vs. a normal person's opinion.

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0:00 Intro

0:37 Couch Tomato Creed to ensure all movie fans are on their best behavior

1:44 Hulk's Cloverfield summary

2:27 3 things we like and 3 things we hate

3:32 shout out to Jessica Lucas

4:27 Big Momma’s House reference

5:14 PD doesn’t want me to say his real name (because it’s a girl’s name)

5:42 shout out to

5:28 Barry and PD begin review

6:13 Hulk discusses 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer

7:32 Couch Tomato discusses his favorite movie genres (comedies, horror, and monster movies)

8:00 horrible joke

8:48 Couch compares Matt Reeves to Michael Bay

9:11 Barry says PD’s real name again by mistake

9:31 The guys discuss the use of the hand held camera in the film

10:19 Godfather reference

11:05 Is this a good date movie?

11:15 shout out to romantic comedies

11:30 Why does PD scream like a girl?

12:13 PD and Barry discuss the characters

12:40 PD’s hate is contagious and impacting Barry’s review

14:49 crowd goes wild.  Couch Tomato gets a standing ovation

14:54 crowd makes Couch Tomato lose his train of thought

15:13 Barry’s problem with romantic comedies 

15:38 The Notebook reference

15:59 I said my wife’s name by mistake.  I don’t really know why I blocked it out.  She doesn’t care.

16:11 PD suggests Couch should cheat on his wife

16:59 J.J. Abrams knows how to keep a secret

17:25 what does Cloverfield get right that a lot of other movies get wrong?

19:01 PD and Barry discuss the monster in the movie (or lack there of)

19:26 Godzilla reference

20:10 PD is lying and it sounds like he’s just copying a Thriller video

20:42 I don’t want to judge, but it sounds like he’s lying so he could fit in

21:21 beef between casual movie fans and movie buffs

21:51 this movie could easily be misunderstood as a film about an earthquake

24:14 Barry discusses the subtle love messages 

25:34 Titanic reference

26:08 I call Leo “Luke” because of his character from Growing Pains (his character in Titanic is actually named Jack)

27:16 Barry and PD give their personal ratings (Why does PD think he’s Siskel & Ebert?)

28:52 another horrible joke

29:02 Hulk tells us how movie buffs and casual movie fans feel about Cloverfield

30:07 Prank Call: Couch Tomato tries to get a person to sign a petition 

36:12 Couch shares links on where you could find us.

37:27 Outro