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Stuff For Movie Buffs

Mar 19, 2016

YouTube's Couch Tomato sits down with PD to discuss the latest movie in the Divergent franchise "Divergent Series: Allegiant".  The two discuss the pros and cons of Hollywood's most popular films from a movie fanatic's point of view vs. a normal person's opinion.

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0:00 intro

0:44 Couch Tomato Creed

1:50 Couch explains what happened to the deleted podcast “The Divergent” Episode

2:17 Couch explains that episodes are not recorded in front of a live studio audience

2:52 24 Reasons Insurgent & The Matrix Are The Same

4:01 Couch gives his honest thoughts on the Divergent films

4:33 PD and Couch discuss the meaning of “spoiler alert”

5:20 Hulk is missing in action

5:57 shout out to the fans

6:29 3 things we liked and disliked

8:28 Couch and PD explain their awkward moviegoing experience

10:28 Couch and PD “try” to say nice things about the characters in Allegiant

10:47 Couch doesn’t care about spoilers anymore

11:36 pause

12:00 Jai Courtney reference

12:33 Couch says no more spoiler alerts

12:56 Couch discusses the production budget and upcoming sequel

13:48 Couch explains his issue with the green screen effects

14:34 PD & Couch summarize the beginning of the movie

14:56 Mazerunner reference

15:29 Dark Knight Rises reference

17:18 Hunger Games Catching Fire reference

17:38 Hunger Games reference

18:39 Couch discusses the fashion and hairstyles in the movie

19:03 Couch and PD talk about the action scenes The Divergent Series: Allegiant

19:20 Matrix reference

19:26 PD brings up Power Rangers (I’m not sure why)

19:31 Contra reference (not sure why)

19:39 Pod race discussion and Star Wars reference

20:04 Super Mario Bros (PD’s on a roll today)

20:22 "fictional action” talk

20:38 Sucker Punch reference

21:05 Inception reference

22:13 both PD and Couch share why they hate movies with no stakes (dream sequence parts)

22:55 Man of Steel reference

23:02 Couch shares how he predicated parts before they happened

23:55 Twilight reference

25:13 PD brings up the stuff he hated about Jeff Daniels

25:16 horrible joke

25:41 Dumb & Dumber reference

25:42 Couch reads off Jeff Daniel nomination and awards for television

26:31 The Martian reference

26:37 Steve Jobs reference

26:38 From Couch: sorry, apparently I looked up the scores and Rotten Tomatoes lists the Steve Jobs film as fresh

27:01 Dumb & Dumber Too reference

27:50 PD threatens Couch’s son

28:51 comic relief scenes

30:39 Ansel Elgort critiques

30:49 Fault in Our Stars reference

30:58 Star Wars reference

31:50 King of Queens reference

32:28 Couch brings up the music in the movie

33:16 Couch says why he hates “factions” and other difficult to understand exposition

36:10 I don’t like when people say they like the books better than the movies

36:37 Prank call

45:39 Shout out to the fans

50:26 Where can you find more Couch Tomato

51:20 I keep saying the email wrong (it’s

51:23 Outro