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Stuff For Movie Buffs

Apr 24, 2016

YouTube's Couch Tomato sits down with PD to discuss movies and the pros and cons of Hollywood's most popular films from a movie fanatic's point of view vs. a normal person's opinion.  This week they talk about the death of the icon Prince also known as the Artist formally known as Prince.

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0:00 Intro

1:01 R.I.P. to the Artist formally known as Prince

2:06 Podcast Contest details

3:11 P.D. reads off Princes Grammy Awards from 1985-2010

3:50 Happy Feet

4:13 Batman reference 

6:06 Purple Rain summary

6:36 P.D. & Couch share their 3 likes and 3 dislikes of Purple Rain

8:51 Couch talks about the Oscar Win for Purple Rain

9:48 Boomerang Soundtrack reference

9:49 Waiting to Exhale reference

9:52 The Bodyguard reference

9:56 Space Jam reference

13:09 Couch talks about problems with casting musicians in leading roles

13:21 Moonwalker reference

14:06 Couch talks about Prince’s performances in Purple Rain

15:39 Couch talks about Prince’s style, sexuality, and legacy to his generation

17:45 Couch discusses the Dave Chappelle Show Prince skit

19:11 What doesn’t work in Purple Rain

20:54 Couch and P.D. talk about the differences between Prince in Purple Rain and Prince in reality

22:03 Mariah Carey’s Glitter reference

22:14 P.D. talks about Apollonia’s character in Purple Rain

23:20 Couch compare’s Prince protégés Apollonia, Vanity and Sheila E.

24:50 Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon reference

25:32 Couch and P.D. talk about the family issues in Purple Rain

25:53 Seinfeld reference

27:10 Does the comedy work in Purple Rain?

27:57 What’s the most memorable scene in Purple Rain?

28:31 Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka

29:19 Prince’s father’s suicide attempt in Purple Rain

30:28 P.D. brings up a Prince Fun Fact

31:33 R.I.P. Prince and R.I.P. Vanity

33:01 Couch brings up a Prince Fun Fact

34:40 Couch and P.D. compare Purple Rain to other movies with musicians as leads

35:09 Couch talks about Siskel & Ebert movie review for Purple Rain

35:31 Batman v. Superman reference

35:44 Barbershop 3 Nicki Minaj reference

35:47 Men in Black 2 Michael Jackson reference

36:21 Glitter compared to Purple Rain

36:43 Bodyguard compared to Purple Rain

37:03 R.I.P. Prince & R.I.P. Whitney Houston

37:40 Cinderella compared to Purple Rain

38:01 Moonwalker compared to Purple Rain

38:21 Transformers reference

38:34 Dreamgirls comapred to Purple Rain

39:37 You Got Served compared to Purple Rain

40:08 Selena compared to Purple Rain

41:06 Blues Brothers compared to Purple Rain

41:48 8 Mile compared to Purple Rain

43:14 How will you remember Prince?

47:30 P.D. gives one last Prince Fun Fact

47:43 Contest Details

50:02 Where can you find us weekly?

51:36 Outro