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Stuff For Movie Buffs

Apr 8, 2016

YouTube's Couch Tomato sits down with PD to talk about Star Wars The Force Awakens.  They discuss the Star Wars franchise and the pros and cons of Hollywood's most popular films from a movie fanatic's point of view vs. a normal person's opinion.

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0:00 Intro

0:38 Couch Tomato Creed

1:05 Couch ranks Star Wars & Godzilla fans

2:38 Hulk reads the Star Wars The Force Awakens synopsis

3:16 Couch calls out people who haven’t seen the entire film yet

4:28 Couch brings up the Han Solo scene at the end of Star Wars The Force Awakens

4:43 Couch and PD list 3 things they like & 3 things they hate

5:02 That 70’s Show reference

6:29 Star Wars: A New Hope reference

7:02 Couch points out “Why People Love Star Wars” (the franchise)

7:26 Star Trek reference

10:00 Ghostbuster reference

11:00 Couch and PD talk about their favorite characters from Star Wars The Force Awakens

11:06 Attack the Block reference

11:16 Couch and PD talk about Finn

11:34 that’s racist (just kidding)

11:48 Creed reference

13:11 Couch and PD share likes and dislikes about Rey’s character

14:02 The Hunger: Games Catching Fire reference

14:43 shout out to the prequels

15:00 Is Luke Skywalker Rey’s father

16:02 The guys talk about Carrie Fischer’s appearance and fanboys’ reaction

17:17 The simplicity of Star Wars The Force Awakens

17:36 Harry Potter reference

17:46 Hulk brings up the cons of the Star Wars Prequels

19:08 Star Wars: A New Hope & Star Wars: The Force Awakens are the same

20:32 PD praises Storm Troopers

21:25 PD, Hulk & Couch talk about Kylo Ren

21:24 Avengers: Age of Ultron reference

23:48 Biblical references of Star Wars 

24:43 Kylo Ren vs. Rey battle

25:14 Hulk and Couch explain Mark Hamill’s career to PD

25:31 A Different World reference

26:40 Couch asks for predications for Star Wars Episode VIII and talks fan theories

26:55 Rey Skywalker

28:43 Guardians of the Galaxy reference

29:27 Han Solo’s death scene

30:07 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back reference

30:30 How do 1%ers feel about Star Wars The Force Awakens?

31:43 Titanic & Avatar reference

31:50 Batman v. Superman reference

32:18 Facebook comments (fan shout outs)

36:26 Where can you find us weekly?

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38:23 Outro