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Stuff For Movie Buffs

Apr 1, 2016

YouTube's Couch Tomato sits down with Premium Pete to discuss the pros and cons of Hollywood's most popular gangster films like The Godfather, Scarface, Casino, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, and Donnie Brasco.  The two also compare their opinion's to Siskel & Ebert's reviews on the movies.

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0:00 intro

0:24 Premium Pete and Couch discuss having babies

2:53 Shout out to PD

3:31 Couch introduces guest host Premium Pete

3:59 Who is Premium Pete?

4:35 Shout out to The Combat Jack Show

6:37 Premium Pete answers if he’s a 1%er of a 99%er

7:08 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial reference

7:10 The Never Ending Story reference

7:13 Greece reference

7:16 Wizard of Oz reference

7:18 Goonies reference

7:21 Star Wars reference

7:22 Batman reference 

7:30 Midnight Run reference

7:32 Nightmare on Elm Street reference 

7:42 Pause

8:05 Gangster, Mafia, Crime movie discussion begins

8:28 Premium Pete lists his top 5 Gangster movies (Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino, A Scarface)

9:10 Scarface reference

9:43 Couch lists his top 5 Gangster movies

9:53 New Jack City reference

10:04 Juice reference

10:14 I was talking to PD who was nodding his head agreeing with Pete

10:35 Paid In Full reference

10:52 Boyz in the Hood reference

11:02 Premium Pete has to put his salesman cap on today

11:10 Couch and Premium will let the audience know if they agree or disagree with Siskel & Ebert

12:27 Couch reads Siskel & Ebert’s reviews for Casino, Goodfellas, Godfather, A Bronx Tale, & Donnie Brasco

12:55 Walking Dead spoilers (don’t worry I stopped Pete)

13:45 Couch and Premium Pete talk about cheering for the bad guys

15:28 PD tells the audience the Rotten Tomato scores for Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino, A Bronx Tale, Donnie Brasco

16:07 Couch and Premium Pete talk about the top characters from each film

16:20 Couch and Premium Pete share their favorite character from Casino

17:38 Couch explains why he had trouble renting rated R movies as a kid

17:55 Shout out to Haiti

18:55 Premium highlights his favorite scenes and shots in Casino

20:00 Premium Pete reveals his favorite character from Goodfellas

21:15 Couch Tomato pun

21:56 Couch Tomato meaning summarized

22:56 from gangster movies to Pixar movies

22:59 Pixar’s Up reference

23:05 Everyone cried during the movie Up at least once

23:24 Shout out to the old and young folks

23:36 Premium Pete lets everyone knows his dad gets emotional easy

23:52 Premium Pete reveals the saddest moment in Disney history (Up vs. Lion King)

24:55 Couch informs the audience about his favorite characters in Casino and Goodfellas

25:02 Sharon Stone reference

25:03 Basic Instinct reference

25:06 Action Jackson reference

27:05 I’m talking to PD since he said we were sexist on the Dark Knight episode

27:45 Couch asks Premium Pete for his favorite character from The Godfather

27:55 Couch hasn’t seen Bronx Tale or Donnie Brasco (Hulk is always asking him to watch it)

28:24 Couch asks Premium Pete to talk about the best scene from each movie

29:46 Premium Pete gives fun facts about Casino

31:42 Best scene in Godfather

32:53 Best scene in Donnie Brasco and A Bronx Tale

34:03 Shout out to PD’s younger brother in the background

35:10 Belly reference

38:54 shout out to Hulk who’s M.I.A. today

39:38 Best scene of all time in any crime or gangster movie

40:35 PD’s little brother guessed correctly before the show started

42:37 Once Upon a Time in America movie reference

42:47 Pause

43:28 The Jacksons: An American Dream movie reference

45:09 Premium Pete urges listeners to check out these classic gangster movies

46:07 Couch thinks 4K films are a robbery

46:40 No Pete (I’ll edit them out though)

46:46 I forgot I said that

48:08 Avatar reference

48:27 Shout out to Napster…lol at Premium Pete

49:04 Titanic reference

49:44 Couch and Premium Pete discuss the Blockbuster experience (brick and mortar spots)

50:24 Big movie reference

50:33 True Story, I saw the receipt 

50:48 Shout out to KD, PD’s little brother

51:36 Netflix & Chill vs. Blockbuster Chill

53:23 Couch and PD get questioned about Florida problems

54:33 Premium Pete tells you where you could find him

59:05 Couch promises to watch Donnie Brasco within the next 30 days

59:06 In Too Deep reference

1:01:18 smh lol

1:02:30 accidental Italian accent

1:02:30 this is where I started loosing my voice

1:03:17 Outro